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iCODIS CB-100W Mobile Projector, DLP Pico Home Theater, WIFI Wireless Connectivity,1.7" Portable Size & 120" Display, 30,000 Hour LED.

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9,030,000 đ
Thương hiệu:
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2.00 LBS
Giao hàng:
Miễn phí toàn quốc
Có hàng:
5 đến 10 ngày làm việc
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Product Features

  • Ultimate Portability: 3.8 ounces, 1.7inches, true portability with CNC craft worked design.
  • Connectivity: 2.5Ghz Wifi, 5Ghz (2T2R), DLNA, USB OTG, SD Card, Miracast (Android+Windows), Airplay, all of these allow for any device to connect, with or without Wi-Fi.
  • Portable Cinema: 80 ANSI Lumens DLP bulb, 30,000hours life-time, 480p resolution,Video input up to full HD 1080p, and an 1800mAh battery for 1.5 hours of video allows for great cinematic quality on the go.
  • Mobile Age: Gone are the old days of HDMI, with USB OTG and countless ways to connect, as long as you have iOS 7 and above, or Windows 8.1 and above, the CB-100W connects to any device of the mobile age.
  • Version Update: make sure CB-100w connect WIFI, go to setting and update software online. Apple User plz follow this step, After update, CB-100w can play Youtube APP or other video app from your apple device.


Product Information

Product Dimensions 7.1 x 4.2 x 2 inches
Item Weight 1.1 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.1 pounds 
Date first available  March 14, 2016


Product Description

​Ultimate Portability

The CB-100W comes in at an astounding 3.8 ounces, and with it's mini size of 1.7inches is a truly ultra-portable device. It's CNC craft-worked body is as comfortable to carry as it is small. It's smartly designed rubber band not only serves to enhance portability even further, but also helps protect the highly luminescent lamp of this tiny projector.  Don't let the size fool you though, as this powerful projector manages to display up to 120inches of high-quality content, whether on your iOS, Android, or Windows device you'll always have a cinema at the tip of your fingers.


This little guy has it all, 2.5Ghz Wi-Fi connection, 5Ghz (2T2R),DLNA, USB On-The-Go support, SD Card, Miracast (for Android and Windows), Airplay, all it takes is a 10 second setup and you're good to go.While the CB-100W does not support HDMI any mobile device can quickly connect to the CB-100W, cable free and Wi-Fi not necessary, this mobile projector will ensure a hassle free experience.

With its 80 ANSI lumens bulb the CB-100W ensures a bright and vibrant   display, it's native resolution of 640x480 makes the CB-100W a deceivingly powerful mobile projector. It's integrated dual speaker setup packs a surprising punch, and with its 1800mAh battery will allow you to enjoy great content, cable-free, for 1.5 hours. Charge it through it's mini-USB port and enjoy its 30,000 hour LED powered display.

​Welcome to a mobile age

The CB-100W has done away with HDMI, preferring a cable free experience the CB-100W only requires a USB on-the-go for recharging purposes. In order to enjoy the ultimate mobile cinema experience make sure that your iOS device is running on iOS 7.0 and above, or that your Android or Windows device has the Miracast function (Windows 8.1 and above). The DLNA connectivity allows for many mobile-applications to connect automatically to this minuscule power-house.
Design and Size
CNC crafted, soft corners, recessed light bulb, and protective rubber strap ensure absolute comfort on the go. It's size of 1.7 inches is deceptively small, allowing ultimate portability, its 3.8 ounce weight makes it light weight enough to carry anywhere, but retain a sturdy and premium feel to the touch.
Wifi, DLNA, Airplay, Miracast, USB OTG, SD Card, all of these connectivity options will ensure that the CB-100W can connect to any device at any time. Requiring only a USB OTG for recharging purposes this product will allow for any device to connect hassle-free, in 10 seconds or less.
Ultimate Mobile Experience
The CB-100W allows its users to enjoy multiple accessories to fit anyones needs. Turn every surface into a fully fledged cinema that fits right into your pocket.
It's 80 ANSI Lumens LED will allow you to enjoy great quality anywhere, any time, hassle-free, with an astounding 30,000 hour life-time. It's powerful resolution makes sure that your videos are always vibrant and bright, powered by its 1800mAh battery the CB-100W will allow you to enjoy 1.5hours of content.

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