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Popular & well-known Name : iBUILD
Founded : Since 2008


OUR DREAM: "IBJSC.com, From Chips To Ships, From Garage To Galaxy."

OUR PHILOSOPHY: "IBJSC.com, Built for Everlasting Growth."

Why us? Simply because we always commit not only to our customers but also to ourselves to change for the better:

  • Services Quality,
  • Products Quality,
  • Competitiveness,
  • Diversity & variety of products & services,
  • The advantages of science & technology advances brought to you on every single item purchased & invested, including the way you are shopping with us.

We are proud to be the owner of a truly & fully functional e-commerce website which was rated as a Topnotcher in Vietnam in accordance with the testimony:

  • "IBJSC.com looks like the Top Vietnam Site" - Akio Fannin (Marketing and Security Advisor / McAfee.com -- An Intel Company)



  • We constantly make CHANGES for the BETTER.



We aim at building a team, a company & an organization where the following criteria & standards should be met:

  • For Customers:
    • Trusted & reliable;
    • Dedicated, responsive & responsible;
    • Professional service attitude;
  • For Investors:
    • Committed to long-term sustainable lucrative cooperations;
    • Transparent business;
    • Equal & fair;
  • For Employees:
    • Improve professional capabilities & skills;
    • Build a working environment comfortable, friendly, solidary, cooperative;
    • Train to improve soft-skills (customer service, sales & marketing...), characteristics, behaviors & attitudes for employees;
  • For Community (Social Responsiblities):
    • Set social responsilities as top priority;
    • Proactively participate in social activities, charity to contribute to the community benefits;