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1byone O00QL-0041 Mini Fog Machine 400-Watt with Wired Remote Control

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2,367,000 đ
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4.70 LBS
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Miễn phí toàn quốc
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5 đến 10 ngày làm việc
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Product Features

  • Power Consumption: 400W, Power Sources: input AC 120V 60Hz, Fog Output: 2000CFM(cubic ft. of fog per minute), Outline Size: 250 x 191.5 x 114 mm(9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in)Warm Up Time: 4-5 Minutes. Comes with a 6.5 ft.(2M) wired remote.
  • Output Distance: 8.2ft(2.5M) Outline Size: 250 x 191.5 x 114mm(9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in), Fuse: 5A, 125V.Tank Capacity: 300ml(0.079 gal),uses only water based fog juice.
  • Features a hose drain for indoor use. Weighs in at 4.7 pound, so it's easy to transport to your gigs. CE and RoHS complaint, ABS environmental protection materials, more safe metal wire.
  • Creates enough thick fog to fill a room about two garage sizes, doesn't require any fans to disperse thick. Delivers multiple fog density outputs. It is normal if there is condensation on the nozzle of the Fog Machine.
  • If you want a fog machine that works with a remote control to give trick or theaters an extra scare, you can purchase our O00QL-0440 Wireless Remote Controllers Or the time when you want it to works, please purchase our O00QT-0388 timer remote control.


Product Details

Size: 400W
  • Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.5 x 5.3 inches ; 4.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Item model number: O00QL-0041
  • Date first available: September 9, 2013


Product Description

Size: 400W
If you want to taken the time to decorate your yard with all manner of creepy pieces, the best way to really showcase them is to have your fog machine surround them with its ghostly mist. Hide the machine in a place where it can't be seen and then click the remote to send out a blast of fog when the visitors get close.Is this the fog machine you have been looking for? We have several different kinds of fog machines and the timer remote control or new Trigger Fog Machine Wireless Remote Controllers you want, feel free to choose!! 

Power Sources: Input AC 120V 60Hz 
Power Consumption: 400W 
Warm Up Time: 3-5 Minutes 
Tank Capacity: 300ml(0.079 gal) 
Fog Output: 2000CFM 
Output Distance: 2.5M 
Outline Size: 250 x 191.5 x 114mm(9.84 x 7.54 x 4.49 in) 
Fuse: 5A, 125V 

How to Use 
Before using the fog machine, you have to prepare Fog Liquid(not included) 
1.Put this product onto a clean, flat and solid surface, close to the power socket 
2.Unscrew the lid on the tank by turning counterclockwise and pour the Fog Liquid inside. Do not spill Fog Liquid onto the product body. Do not overfill. If liquid gets into the Fog Machine, leave it to be dry completely before plugging in. Do not cut, pinch, or break the tube connected through the tank lid. Screw the lid clockwise to the tank tightly. Always make sure there is enough Fog Liquid in the tank before using the Fog Machine 
3.Connect the product with proper power socket 
4.Warm up time is approximately 4-5 minutes. When fully heated, the Wired Control Indication Light will turn on and the Fog Machine will be ready to produce and spray fog 
5.Set the On/Off Switch to on position, nozzle will start spraying fog. Set to off position, spraying will stop 
6.Turn off the unit before refilling the fog machine

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